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Available to clients to access site investigation information including:

  • Desk studies
  • Topographic surveys
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Interpretation plans
  • Trial pit and borehole logs
  • Contract documents
  • RAMS
  • GANTT charts

The website is accessible by login with a name and password. Once logged in users only have access to data specific to their account.

Collaborative content authoring is available via a Wiki interface allowing users with permissions to update libraries and/or key descriptive text.

New enquiry

If you have any queries regarding site investigation methods or deliverables or you need a quotation, please fill out brief details below.

White papers:

Limits of detection of unexploded ordnance – are you getting what you paid for?
White paper on physical limits of detection for surface- and borehole-based geophysical methods

Statistical assessment of the risk of unexploded bombs
Paper published in Ground Engineering, May 2006

Benefits of routine ballast inspection using ZARR
White paper January 2009

Low-cost measurement of ballast quality, trackbed integrity and maintenance efficiency
White paper Railway Strategies, May 2008


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